If you dream of becoming a model, then you better get ready for some hard work. It isn’t easy to get into the modeling business and the competition is often fierce. Understanding the world of modeling is the first step to succeeding in your goal. However, indeed, you can be a model too. Let’s explore further by examining the different types of modeling available in the market.

Different Types of Modeling

Since several different types of modeling are available, it is a good strategy to pick the style that best fits your style or needs. At least a dozen different types of modeling opportunities are available, but not all of them are going to be appropriate for any one individual. The following categories apply to both males and females.

InternationalModel: Asia Model Festival 2017
InternationalModel: Asia Model Festival 2017

Fashion Model

The primary task of fashion models is to promote clothing, footwear, and accessories for a particular client. Fashion models fall into a wide assortment of body physiques from petite to plus size.

Runway Model

Runway models fall under the category of fashion models so they have the same task, but not the same body requirements. Runway models need long legs and must be able to wear the specific clothing sizes that appear in the fashion show. Their primary job is to walk the runway at a fashion show.

High Fashion Model

High fashion models generally work for a specific designer or house of fashion. A particular physique, facial structure, and size (including body measurements and weight) are generally required to get into this line of work. Individuals who work in this category are generally in their teens or early twenties.

Glamour Model

For a glamour model, it is all about the body since the focus is on body physique and appearance. Glamour models typically pose nude or in swimsuits.

Showroom Model

A subcategory of fashion modeling, showroom modeling involves working at open events to display certain fashions, footwear, or accessories. Typical events include boutique openings and fashion extravaganzas.

Promotional Model

Promotional models work at trade shows and conventions. This type of model might actually be promoting a product rather than clothing and accessories. Therefore, they must also know how to promote the product in question by demonstrating how to use it or answering questions posed by potential customers.

Catalog Model

Working solely for companies who utilize catalogs to market their fashion designs and accessories, catalog models must meet the body size and physique for the targeted customer base.

Editorial Model

An editorial model is a fashion model who works solely for a specific publication, print or online.

Commercial Print Model

Since the primary task of a commercial print model is to portray a specific facial expression in photographs destined for billboards, magazines, and newspapers, this type of model must be adept at making specific facial expressions.

Specialty Model

Not all models need their entire body to perform their job. Some models will display a particular type of product that only involves a certain part of the body such as the feet, hands, legs, or head.

Online Model

Yet another type of modeling is “Online Model”, a name generally used as a catchall for all the above types for modeling on the Internet. As we all know, the Internet is ubiquitous and like everything else, modeling has also shifted very much onto the Internet as well. Online Modeling, however, has not totally replaced the traditional modeling industry since much of the modeling world is still conducted in the flesh, still very much in physical world. Nevertheless, like most other things else, the Internet has greatly disrupted even though it has not totally replaced or displaced the traditional modeling industry.

This phenomenon is especially strong in China. Online Model is also known as Desktop Model or PingMianMote or 平面模特 in Mandarin Chinese. A desktop model usually appears on magazine covers, newspaper color pages, merchandise posters, product catalogs, calendars, and indoor and outdoor advertising signboards. With the development of Internet shopping, the graphic model industry is growing so strong on the Internet, and it as a new term “Madou” or “麻豆”, which is the transliteration from English of the word “model”.

Therefore, the Internet not only has not destroyed the modeling industry but has also actually open up many new opportunities and channels for the business. Of course, it comes in shapes, forms and formats but the industry is growing stronger than ever before. You just have to adapt as well and become a model too.

The opportunities for models have expanded greatly beyond the traditional industries of fashion and advertising. Many models double up or take up part time work as actors, singers, etc., that is, they find work in the entertainment industry. Some have branched out to become actors or singers full time, and have become even more successful than their original roles as models.

For instance, Lee Jong Suk who was a model before he became a full time actor had won the Asia Model Festival Awards. He has become such a famous actor in his very own right. With success in acting or singing, even more opportunities, such as for advertising in product endorsements, etc. for modeling have open up.

On the Internet, many models, especially the ones who are photogenic, cute and well liked, have become Internet stars or “Wang Hong” “网红” in their own right. Some have become successful Web drama stars or Social Media stars and are sought after by advertising companies.

So, focus on your job as a good model and look out for appropriate opportunities everywhere.

Where to Find Work as a Model

You can become a model by completely DIY or Doing It Yourself by doing it on the Internet, such as by searching online for jobs, blogging online and becoming a social media star, etc. You can still join an agency by searching online for one and join as a model.

Whether you are doing it online or offline, in order to find work as a model, you should have a portfolio and it is good to find a trustworthy agent or agency. Make sure that the modeling agent or agency that you choose is legitimate. If you choose a modeling agency, you should be assigned to a specific agent. This agent searches for work that is appropriate for you.

The best strategy to use when creating your portfolio is to hire a professional photographer who can take a series of photographs. Your portfolio should include a wide variety of poses and facial expressions.

You can check out InternationalModel.com and join as a model too.


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