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Xuan Yeheng or Dylan first appeared on the world stage on October 6th, 2017 when he was featured in a Kinjaz video on Youtube. He became a sensation together with his dance mate Amy.

Dylan was dancing to the Bishop Briggs’ “River” with choreography by Galen Hooks. The video went viral and to date, people are still watching it. He has a lot of vigor, force and passion in his dance.

Refreshingly, it evokes a cool sense of vibrancy and style from a young man and it was a beautiful picture indeed! It’z like Wow~! XCool man!

Dylan Xuan, The Boy Wonder from China!
Dylan Xuan, The Boy Wonder from China!

Of course, he’s cute.

So, it is simple to see. He seems to have a great sense of fashion and style, that must be the foundation of his wardrobe. His clothes seems to also reflect the brilliant colors of his dance. He has power in his dance move. One does not tire from watching the video time and again.

Will this dance save the world?

Time will release the feelings and tell the world. Will you change the world? Will you join me in the ever wondrous journey of love?

Taking the world into his arms and feet…

There was gr3@t! How else can I put it? We all ended up gasping in awe. How did he do it? He has such character in his moves. We are sure he works damn hard!

It is a lovely story! People can’t stop talking about it, can’t stop watching. Now, just get up and dance…

Someone asked: Where did you get your clothes?

Now, to be sure, if you wanna be a great dancer and entertainer, and idol, you gotta be cut out for it. It must come in a great package!
It must all come together at the right time and at the right place, with the right people, and thatz whY you are here.

Let’z Jaz Dance…


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