Updates: All the people in the press room cheered when the news was announced. Indeed, the whole nation and the whole world cheered and rejoice with them! Jubilation!

Note that the footballers are still inside the cave, and they have been identified by divers who went into the cave. They are found to be in good health and condition. They are somewhere on an elevated rock mound called the Pattaya Beach in the cave.

The twelve boys who are aged between 11 and 16, together with their 25-year-old coach disappeared when flash floods swept through the Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand. They are 10 kilometers deep into the cave beneath the mountains. The conditions in the cave are nothing short of challenging as there are labyrinths, constricted and treacherous passageways.

They footballers will be either winched out of the cave or be taught how to surf out of the waters in the cave.

Their belongings, including their padlocked bicycles are still left at the mouth of the cave. Imagine looking at these things in the last several not knowing the fate of these boys. Now that they are safe and in good health and condition, we wish them well! All the best!

In a world of darkness, there is light…

One piece of great news that we want to share with you all is this awesome news! All the 13 Thai footballers, 12 boys and their coach, trapped for ten days since June 23rd, 2018, are all found alive!

If you have been following this news everyday since they were trapped, this news must be bringing tears of joy to you as it has done for me right now. I can imagine how relieved their parents, relatives and friends are. So too are the rescuers from the Thai Navy Seals together with the multinational teams from China, U.S.A., Australia, Britain, etc. and the numerous people at the scene, helping out.

There are also Buddhist monks at the scene and certainly their prayers have been answered with this miracle! The footballers can now return home happily and safely! This is indeed a happy ending to a near-tragic incident.

This is a very fresh piece of good news. Oftentimes, the news, and almost all the time, the breaking news that we receive from the so-called traditional mainstream media is biased, tragic, confrontational and unhappy, and most of the time, fake! This is certainly a welcome change from all this drab and fake stuff!

Rescuers have been pumping out water from the flooded cave where the footballers have been trapped. Throughout these ten days, they have not given up in spite of the poor weather conditions, and now their efforts have been paid off.

This is an extraordinary story. The moral of the story: Never give up! Miracles can happen!

Stay tuned as more information and details come in…


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